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I visited Lina for Reiki and holistic coaching. I feel Lina is a genuine, generous person who is extremely professional with a unique gift. After the sessions, I left feeling an uplifting change in my body, lighter, more focused and breathing easier. I also had a chronic pain on my right knee which she completely healed. It’s been a few months since that session and the pain hasn’t returned.

I would highly recommend Lina!


I've had four sessions with Lina. When I had the sessions with her, I was going through a difficult time and she helped me move forward with ease and grace.  At each session, I always felt relief, uplifted and light.

Lina is an amazing, lovable and gifted person.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  You will feel the change in your body, mind & soul.


Divine timing blessed me by allowing me to work with Linita (as I like to call her).
I will briefly tell you my story.  

I while back, I received a diagnosis that my lumbar vertebrae were compressing my spine due to the fact that I had developed osteoporosis in this area. This caused an array of painful issues in my lower body and the only way to improve the situation was to have a very risky surgery, because of the location.  I had x-rays taken and the specialist and surgeons were presented with several obstacles, due to the conditions and risks that would be presented by implanting screws and metal rods.  So, my surgeries were cancelled at least 3 times. I had the blessing to receive a wonderful visit from Linita. She is a wonderful being, who tailored very specific holistic coaching to address my needs, in this case; taught me how to get to know and communicate with my body in a loving way and other daily practices that helped my body to heal well from this surgery.

My surgery was a success!!  The next day I was already sitting and walking. Both the specialist and surgeon came to see me to inform me about the success of the surgery.  They were extremely puzzled (and in their exact words) they said; “there was a miracle”. They explained that the X-rays showed sings of severe osteoporosis before the surgery but when they came to perform the surgery my bones were in perfect condition, contrary to what the earlier examinations showed.  Lina is a wonderful being and has been a blessing in my life.  She has a true gift from the universe and she oozes boundless joy and unconditional love.

I don’t think I have to say anymore.

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