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Muisca Holistic Rituals
These rituals are individually tailored and can help you by working on the different energetics that is with us, to bring a more harmonious state of being based on the energy of light and outcomes for your highest and best.
Are you feeling stagnant and that your energy is not flowing, as you would like to? A Muisca Holistic ritual might help you!


This ritual will help you to clear and rebalance your energies.
With all new clients, a 30-40 minute consultation is required, this is done via Skype or zoom. This consultation will allow you to understand how Lina works.
Consultation fee £40.
Ritual £80 (via Skype or Zoom)
The ritual will take 2 hours.
Please make sure you will not be disturbed during this time.
Contact Lina to book your ritual.
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