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Holistic Healing


Lina is a qualified holistic alternative therapist, her sessions are individually tailored whereby a holistic approach is applied to body, mind and spirit as a whole.


Her work is intuitive, blending different healing modalities and techniques such as Angelic Reiki, Theta, Elemental Qi Gong to name but a few.


The aim of her sessions is to create a safe and gentle space that will allow you to be guided through your own personal holistic healing journey, helping you shift stagnated energetic patterns and to reconnect and access your inner wisdom, bringing with it an overall sense of wellbeing, making it easier for you to navigate life's challenges.

60 & 90 minutes sessions are available.


For more information or to book a session email Lina at

Sessions can be held over zoom or at one of Lina's therapy rooms.

All therapies are complementary modalities which are compatible with any medical treatments.


Conditions or issues are not diagnosed.

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