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Lina's Story

From a very young age, Lina always had an innate interest in the holistic aspect (body, mind and spirit) of our nature. She was brought up with her grandmothers who passed on some of their holistic knowledge, which later on became an integral part of her life.


Lina decided to study BA (IHCM) International Hotel and Catering Management that later on allowed her to use her people skills and innate holistic approach in training and development in customer service for the above industry as well as corporate, giving Lina vast years of experience in how to help people to develop their skill as well as making a difference in their work and their personal life.


Little did she know that she would be catapulted to her “calling” by a series of deep experiences in her life; dealing and coming to terms with losing both her mother and maternal grandmother within nine months of each other, dealing with her own health due to the impact this had on her and at the same time leaving her full-time job of 10 years to become an entrepreneur. All of these experiences were the driving force to make her look deeply within herself and search for ways which would help her to become harmonious once again.


In the last 10 years, Lina has dedicated herself to honing her innate holistic spiritual abilities which have helped her to fulfil her calling to become a qualified holistic/alternative therapist practitioner as well as a entrepreneur and community connector.


Lina said:

“Being part of this whole process has brought her joy of being able to work, assist and guide people in their holistic/spiritual journey. So much can come from helping to re-connect to that inner wisdom that helps bring harmony with ease and grace in all aspects of life”.


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